ANTON BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 4 "Romantic"

(1878/1880 Version by Leopold Nowak)
ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien · Cornelius Meister

C5150 PC: 21 UPC: 845221051505

It is the only symphony by Bruckner that the composer himself gave a subtitle ‘The Romantic’. However, in keeping with usage at the time it does not refer to ‘Romanticism’ in today’s understanding of the word, but to an aesthetic attitude of the desire for the pervasion of art and nature. Hence, the French horns setting the tone from the outset can be interpreted programmatically: through them the spirit wafts through nature. For over an hour Anton Bruckner composed music in such an orgiastic and cheerful, Dionysian and Apollonian, voluptuous and boastful tone.
The ORF (Austrian Radio and Television) Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra is a top orchestra of world renown; the orchestra defines itself in the Vienna orchestral tradition. The Orchestra emerged from the former Austrian Radio Orchestra in 1969. Cornelius Meister, born in Hanover in 1980, has been principal conductor and artistic director of the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna since September 2010. With the RSO Vienna he holds regular concerts in Vienna Musikverein and Vienna Konzerthaus. Extensive tours have taken him to Japan and throughout Europe, including to Salzburg Festival. Together with the RSO Vienna, he is present on European radio, European television, on CDs and in the internet.
Tour Dates:
Dienstag, 29. Januar 2013 
KÖLN: Kölner Philharmonie, Bischofsgartenstr. 1, 50667 Köln / 20.00              
Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2012
Berlin: Philharmonie Berlin, Herbert-von-Karjan-Str.1, 10785 Berlin
Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2012
Hannover: Congress Centrum, Theodor-Heuss-Pl.1-3, 30175 Hannover / 20.00
 Freitag, 01. Februar 2012
Düsseldorf: Tonhalle, Ehrenhof 1, 40479 Düsseldorf / 20.00 
Sonntag, 03. Februar 2012
Dortmund: Konzerthaus, Brückstr.21, 44135 Dortmund / 16.00 
Montag, 04. Februar 2012
Heilbronn: Kongresszentrum Harmonie, Allee 28, 74072 Heilbronn / 19.30              
Dienstag, 05. Februar 2012
Frankfurt: Alte Oper Frankfurt, Opernplatz, 60313 Frankfurt / 20.00  

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