SCHÖNBERG: Kammersymphonie op. 9 · ZEMLINSKY: Maeterlinck-Gesänge op. 13 · BUSONI: Berceuse élégiaque op. 42


C5138 PC: 21 845221051383

Founded in November 1918 by Arnold Schoenberg (1874–1951) and a few of his confidants, the Association for Private Musical Performances constituted perhaps the most progressive and most intensive opportunity for a select Viennese musical circle to familiarize themselves with contemporary and the latest works of the international composers’ scene in the immediate aftermath of the First World War and hence at the time of a dearth of a cultural spirit of optimism and innovation. Schoenberg had a close personal tie with many of the composers performed at the association concerts and sometimes even an amical one, as in the case of Zemlinsky. The association became a nursery for the entire modern music from Richard Strauss and Debussy to Webern, as far as the instrumentation of the works allowed.

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VICTOR BRUNS (1904-1996)

Chamber Music For Woodwinds
Mathias Baier · Alexander Voigt · Berthold Große · Sung Kwon You · Soloists of Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin

2CD-Set · C5327 PC: 21 845221053271

CD 1:
5 Pieces for bassoon and piano op. 12
(World Premiere Recording) · Wind Quintet op. 16 · 6 Pieces for contrabassoon and piano op. 80 · Sonata for bassoon and piano op. 20
CD 2:
Little Suite no. 3 for 3 bassoons and contrabassoon op. 92 · Sonata for bassoon and piano no. 3 op. 86 · Quartet for woodwinds op. 18 · Sonata for bassoon and piano no. 2 op. 45 · 4 virtuoso pieces for bassoon solo op. 93
Victor Bruns, born 1904 in Ollila in today’s Finland, wrote over 20 solo concertos, 50 chamber pieces and several ballet works. Bruns discovered the bassoon as his true vocation and moved to the Leningrad Conservatory in 1924, until he became bassoonist at Leningrad State Opera in 1927. Bruns completed his studies in composition with Vladimir Shtsherbatshov beside his work in the orchestra and he continued his compositional studies in 1946 with Boris Blacher. He worked as bassoonist of the Staatskapelle Berlin from 1946 until his retirement in 1969 and became a frequently performed composer, popular among musicians and audience alike far beyond the borders of the German Democratic Republic, whose works continue to deserve our attention. In 1960, Victor Bruns was awarded the Art Prize of the German Democratic Republic. In 1971, he was appointed an honorary member of the Berlin State Orchestra, and 20 years later the International Double Reed Society in the USA made him an honorary member.

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Bo Skovhus, baritone
Stefan Vladar, piano

C5291 PC: 21 845221052915

20 years ago, at the beginning of his career, the young baritone Bo Skovhus made his first recording of Schubert’s “Schöne Müllerin”. Now, as a famous opera and Lied interpreter he presents a new production of all 3 Schubert Cycles: “I’m very thankful to do this again. As a young men you do not reflect so much what happen. Now, when I’m older, I understand much more about. Especially for this cycle it’s important to have another point of view.” (Bo Skovhus)
Stefan Vladar, the famous Viennese pianist and his partner on the piano, shows us the virtuosity of the piano part in a new different light.

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C5316 PC: 21 UPC: 845221053165

for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra (1878-1880 / rev. 1899)
Text: Gustav Mahler after Ludwig Bechsteins fairy tale „Das Klagende Lied“
and „Der singende Knochen“ (The Singing Bone) by the Brothers Grimm
[1]       Waldmärchen / Forest Legend (First Version 1880)
[2]       Der Spielmann / The Minstrel (Revised Version, 1899)
[3]       Hochzeitsstück / Wedding Piece (Revised Version, 1899)                                                               

The cantata Das klagende Lied even today constitutes a veritable rarity in concert programmes – in an age that without contradiction recognizes Mahler as one of the most eminent milestones in the music history, seeing him permanently embedded in the repertoire.
The salient significance of this large-scale, vocal symphonic work is to be seen in the fact that de facto it forms the beginning of Mahler’s familiar oeuvre, explaining and illustrating to the scholar and the exclusively listening music lover alike so many things that make up Mahler.
In the context of Das klagende Lied especially, it might justifiably be asserted that Mahler contains everything that was prior to him, but he also anticipates everything that came after him.

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The Complete Flute Music Vol. 4/10
Claudi Arimany · Walter Auer · Shigenori Kudo · Massimo Mercelli

C5298 PC: 21 UPC: 845221052984

[1]   Konzert-Paraphrase, Op.18 über Motive aus der Oper “Die Verschworenen” (Der häusliche Krieg) von Franz Schubert D787 for two flutes and piano (F)
[2]   Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise, Op.26 for flute and piano (F)
[3]   “Nocturne de Salon”, Op.17 for flute and piano (F)
[4]   Morceaux favoris sur “Zampa” opéra de L.Hérold for solo flute with piano
ad libitum (F) (WPR)
[5]   “Az ujabb zene gyöngyei. A Legkedveltebb Csárdások”. Füzet 4 ©
(WPR) (The recent Hungarian music pearls. The most popular Csardas. Book 4) for flute and piano
[6]   Duo sur “Il Barbiere di Siviglia” opéra de G. Rossini for two solo flutes (F)
[7]   Potpourri sur “Robert le Diable” nº1 opéra de G. Meyerbeer for piano and flute (F) (WPR)
[8]   Potpourri sur “Robert le Diable” nº2 opéra de G. Meyerbeer for flute and piano (F) (WPR)
[9]   “Valse di Bravura” for two flutes and orchestra (F) (WPR) for two flutes and orchestra
C = Carl Doppler / F=Franz Doppler / WPR=World premiere recording
The Doppler brothers played a dominant role in the K&K Monarchy’s musical life as composers, conductors, musicians and as orchestral soloists. They were on good terms with acknowledged artists of the era, such as Ferenc Liszt, Ferenc Erkel, or Jozsef Bajza.
This is the fourth release in a set of 10 CDs comprising the Dopplers' complete music for flute(s), including various arrangements. Flautist Claudi Arimany spent decades researching this project, inspiring many famous musicians to become involved in its realisation.

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