Christine Schornsheim

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Rondos & Fantasias
Christine Schornsheim, Tangentenflügel

C5201 PC: 21 845221052014

Christine Schornsheim about her recording:
“I found it more exciting to concentrate only on a larger number of the Rondos and Fantasias, as the imaginative and improvisatory component interests me particularly. Moreover, every individual piece is a valuable and unique specimen…… I opted for a Tangentenflügel because Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s music is decidedly diverse in character. It is difficult to present it on only one of the possible instruments harpsichord, fortepiano or clavichord. In my view, what characterizes a Tangentenflügel is that it unites all the timbres of stringed period keyboard instruments, so to speak. It can sound as gentle as a clavichord, even the harpsichord can almost be imitated, and the sound of an early fortepiano can similarly be produced.”

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