Gottfried von Einem DER PROZESS THE TRIAL

Live from Salzburg Festival
Laurenz Schmeckenbecher Schneider · Woldt · Eerens · ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra · HK Gruber

C5358 PC: 22 UPC: 845221053585

The Austrian composer Gottfried von Einem got to know the mechanism of this process himself, and it was ultimately thanks to some good fortune that he did not become one of the countless victims of the Nazi system of injustice.
He was one of those great composer personalities that played a major role in rebuilding the waste of the Austrian music scene after 1945, following the devasting cultural policies of Austrofascism, which were above all hostile to modern trends, and even more so those of the Nazis. Catchy thematic and melodic ideas, sharply accentuated rhythm, strong gestural and dance-like vigour and a pronounced feeling for differentiated timbre characterized von Einem’s highly personal musical diction, which can also be discerned in the opera Der Prozess. Einem-pupil, composer and conductor HK Gruber made an amazing, by audience and press enthusiastic celebtrated concertant performance during the Salzburg Festival 2018 which is documented on this recording. 

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