HENRI DUTILLEUX (1916 - 2013)

Symphony No. 1 · Deus sonnets de Jean Cassou · Métaboles
Paul Armin Edelmann· Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz · Karl-Heinz Steffens

C5242 PC: 21 845221052427

Henri Dutilleux, named as “van Gogh of classical music” (Die Welt), has been a long time of his artistic life a maverick, dreamy and stubborn man, looking for his own style between tradition and modernism orientated to his great paragons Dukas, Ravel and Roussel. ‘I’m composing colours’ he always pointed out and admit his work not only to impressionism but also to his great reverence to van Gogh.
This colourful music finaly helps for a much to late success and tribute of his compositions, especially his orchestral works. This CD Production offers the rarely performed 1st symphony, the nearly unknown two orchestral songs by poems of Jean Cassou and finally the much better known Métaboles.

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