MAX REGER: Concerto for violin and orchestra in A major, Op. 101

arranged for chamber ensemble by Rudolf Kolisch (1896-1978)

C5137 PC: 21 UPC: 845221051376

In my view, Reger must be played often; 1. Because he wrote a lot; 

2. Because he is dead and we still do not have any clarity about him.
(I consider him a genius)’ Arnold Schönberg,1922
 As little as it was perceived by the general public during its short existence, in accordance with its genesis, all the more remarkable were the effects and the aftereffects of the Society for Musical Private Performances, founded by Arnold Schoenberg in Mödling near Vienna in November 1918, especially as it was associated with the intention ‘to give Arnold Schoenberg the opportunity personally to carry out his intention of providing artists and art lovers with a veritable and precise knowledge of Modern Music’ (Alban Berg 1919). Special emphasis was placed on performing works by Mahler and Max Reger. The arrangement for the Association for Private Musical Performances was written by the violinist Rudolf Kolisch (1896–1978), a pupil of Schreker and a private student of Schoenberg after 1919, later also the latter’s brother-in-law.

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