Gian Francesco Malipiero · Julián Carrillo · Gustav Mahler
Mitsuko Shirai • Hartmut Höll · Bernd Buß · Ronald Hoogeven · Rainer Sachtleben

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Yet unpublished recordings:

Gian Francesco Malipiero (1882 – 1973)
[1] – [4]        LE STAGIONI ITALICHE  
                   PER UNA VOCE DI SOPRANO E PIANOFORTE (1923) 
Julián Carrillo (1865 – 1965)
[5]               Preludio a Colón (1922)
Gustav Mahler (1860 – 1911)
                   Das Lied von der Erde
                  First original version for voice and piano 1908
[6]               Nr. 6: Der Abschied

»The First Lady of art song« Jürgen Kesting (STERN)
On the 28th of May Mitsuko Shirai celebrated her 70th birthday.
She looks back on a life rich with musical performances: lieder, concerts, and also operas. The Lied duo Mitsuko Shirai • Hartmut Höll have created their own vast library of songs with numerous CD recordings and set new standards with concerts and CDs.
I prize all the recordings of Mistuko Shirai and Hartmut Höll, an historically great partnership in song, and I cherish the memory of the many times I heard them live.
Richard Dyer, Boston Globe

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