SAMBALA - Cristiane Roncaglio

Brasil Pandeiro · Imperador Do Samba 
Um Calo · De Estimação · Tempo De Amor
Cristiane Roncaglio · André Bayer · Hartmut Preyer · Mariano "Habib" da Costa

C5195 PC: 21 845221051956

Whoever watches the Samba Schools parading in Rio de Janeiro nowadays many times does not perceive the Samba’s musical richness both as a musical and literary genre. This is due to the Samba Schools percussions rhythmic power that “submerges” the harmonic accompaniment and also the grandiose visual appeal. The Samba is, however, in its origins a very sophisticated musical form from a poetic, instrumental and harmonic viewpoint.  A typical expression of urban popular culture whose origins go back to the most popular styles among Rio de Janeiro’s inhabitants, then the country’s capital city. Born in Blumenau, Brazil, Cristiane Roncaglio studied Classical Voice and also Photography. German as well as Italian opera, oratorios, and lieder belong to the wide scope of Cristiane Roncaglio´s repertoire. And yet, she is enthusiastic about Brazilian music, Bossa Nova as well as Música Popular Brasileira.

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