2022 Releases


Blueprint - Music for Jazz Trio
Frank Dupree, piano · Jakob Krupp, bass · Meinhard "Obi" Jenne, drums

C5439 PC: 21 UPC: 845221054391

“Kapustin uses jazz as his musical language and then composes quasi-improvisations that sound as though they stemmed right from Oscar Peterson’s or Erroll Garner’s fingers. He is one of the few who were able to have the strictures of composition and liberty of improvisation come together to such an organic whole.” – Frank Dupree
Following his first successful release featuring the Fourth Piano Concerto and the Concerto for Violin, Piano and Strings by the Russian composer Nikolai Kapustin (Capriccio C5437), Frank Dupree presents a selection of the little-known master's works for solo piano, performed as originally written, while bassist Jakob Krupp and drummer Obi Jenne improvise around him. There is surely no better example of jazz poured so expertly into a classical mould.

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Hanns Eisler

Couplets · Ballads · Orchestral Suites · Die letzte Nacht
HK Gruber · Wolfram Berger · Klangforum Wien · Ensemble 'die reihe'

2CD C5434 PC: 22 UPC: 845221054346

“It would be worth striving towards a style that can combine the highest level of craftsmanship, originality, and high quality with the greatest popularity and folksiness.” – Hanns Eisler
This latest release in Capriccio's Hanns Eisler Edition contains songs and chansons from all periods of Eisler’s creative life. It also contains some of the fascinating orchestral suites that he had mostly assembled as adaptations of film scores from the 1930s. Notably, the programme contains the world premiere recording of his incidental music for Die letzte Nacht – the epilogue to Karl Kraus‘ monumental, satirical work The Last Days of Mankind. The mastermind behind this project was the great composer, conductor, and chansonnier HK Gruber, arguably one of the greatest authorities on Eisler.

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Variations on a Nursery Song · Concertino for Harp · Konzertstück for cello
Sofja Gülbadamova · Silke Aichhorn · Andrei Ioniţă · Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz · Modestas Pitrenas

C5463 PC: 21 UPC: 845221054636

[1] – [14]       
Variationen über ein Kinderlied für Klavier und Orchester op. 25 
Variations on a Nursery Song for piano and orchestra, Op. 25
[15] – [17]    
Concertino für Harfe und Kammerorchester op. 45 (1952)
Concertino for Harp and Chamber orchestra, Op. 45                      
[18] – [20]  
Konzertstück D-Dur für Violoncello und Orchester op. 12 (1904)
Konzertstück in D major for cello and orchestra, Op. 12 
Sofja Gülbadamova, Klavier / piano (1-14) · Silke Aichhorn, Harfe / harp (15-17)
Andrei Ioniţă,Violoncello / cello (18-20)
Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz
Modestas PitrėnasDirigent / conductor
Of the works Ernst von Dohnányi wrote for the stage, only his ballet pantomime The Veil of Pierrette (Capriccio-CD C5388) receive any particular acclaim. His concert music, meanwhile, was much more warmly received. With this already sixth recording of his late romantical, sensual music, deeply rooted in the Austro-German classical tradition, Capriccio presents three of his concerts. Apart from two piano concertos and two violin concertos, Ernst von Dohnányi wrote three more, which are concertos in all but name Variations (for piano and orchestra), Concertino (for harp and chamber orchestra), and Konzertstück (for cello and orchestra); the names subtly hinting at their specific character.

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#bruckner24 /The complete Versions Edition/

Symphony in D minor ('Die Nullte')WAB 100

C8082 PC: 21 UPC: 845221080826

The most comprehensive Bruckner Symphonies cycle, including all 19 available versions.
This third release of Capriccios Bruckner Edition, of Symphony in D minor ("Nullified") is performed by Bruckner Orchestra Linz conducted by Markus Poschner.
Although the work did not belong to the corpus of nine numbered symphonies which the composer had identified in his will as worthy of preservation in the imperial library, and for which he is best remembered, he did not destroy it. Hoping perhaps, to ensure that future generations would assess the symphony in what he considered its proper perspective, he wrote annotations at various places in the manuscript: “invalid” [ungiltig] “completely void” [ganz nichtig] and “annulled” [annulirt]. This new complete Bruckner Symphonies edition from Capriccio reassesses these enduringly enigmatic and complex works. Presented by the Bruckner Orchestra Linz and the ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, and featuring all 19 available versions, the cycle is scheduled for completion in 2024, Bruckner’s 200th birthday. 

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40th Anniversary - Sacred Music

10 Complete Recordings Remastered
Vienna Boys' Choir · Rheinische Kantorei · Dresdner Kreuzchor · Rostocker Motettenchor · Hermann Max · martin Flämig · Howard Arman

10CD-Set C7377 PC: 07 UPC: 845221073774

CD 1
Caudio Monteverdi: Vesper zum Fest Christi Himmelfahrt
Vespers for the Feast of the Ascension
Schütz-Akademie · Howard Arman 
CD 2:
Heinrich Schütz: Kleine Geistliche Konzerte / Little Sacred Concertos SWV 282-304
Tölzer Knabenchor / Tölz Boys‘ Choir · Gerhard Schmidt-Gaden
CD 3:
Johann Sebastian Bach: Motetten / Motets BWV 225-230
Rostocker Motettenchor · Hartwig Eschenburg
CD 4:
Georg Philipp Telemann: Danziger Choralkantaten / Danzig Chorale Cantatas
Rheinische Kantorei · Das Kleine Konzert · Hermann Max
CD 5
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Magnificat · Johann Christian Bach: Tantum ergo · Magnificat
Dresdner Kammerchor · La Stagione · Michael Schneider
CD 6
Sacred Choral Music Of The Dresden Baroque’
Jan Dismas Zelenka: Miserere · Johann Adolph Hasse: Miserere
Johann David Heinichen: Magnificat · Gottfried August Homilius: Cantata
Rheinische Kantorei · Das Kleine Konzert · Hermann Max
CD 7:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Krönungsmesse / Coronation Mass
Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata BWV 21
Wiener Sängerknaben / Vienna Boys‘ Choir · Stuttgarter Philharmoniker · Peter Marschik
CD 8
Franz Schubert: Hymnen / Hymns 
Peter Schreier · Berliner Rundfunkchor · Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra · Dietrich Knothe 
CD 9:
Johannes Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem / A German Requiem
Häggander · Lorenz · Rundfunkchor Leipzig · Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester Leipzig · Herbert Kegel
CD 10:
Camille Saint-Saens: Christmas Oratorio · Felix Mendelssohn: Vom Himmel hoch (Choral Cantata)
Dresdner Kreuzchor / Dresden Boys’ Choir · Dresdner Philharmonie · Martin Flämig 

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40th ANNIVERSARY - Sampler

40 Greatest Recordings
Christine Schäfer · Bo Skovhus · Hermann Prey · Tzimon Barto · Vladimir Spivakov · Concerto Köln · Herbert Kegel · Dmitri Kitajenko · Christoph Eschenbach

2CD · C5470 PC: 01 (Special Price) UPC: 845221054704

It’s time to take a moment and be grateful: It’s been 40 years that the Capriccio label has produced records – through and despite all the upheavals and vast market shifts in the recording industry over the last decades. As the young label started out in 1982, still producing LPs and tapes, it was the first digital Beethoven Symphony cycle with the Dresden Philharmonic and Herbert Kegel (issued on CD two years later, in 1984) that first turned heads. Today, Capriccio’s catalog includes well over 1,000 titles with a repertoire that stretches all the way from the renaissance to contemporary composers, is chock-full of re-discoveries and world premieres, and is performed by a steadily growing roster of internationally renowned artists. Time to celebrate? Why, absolutely. But also time to reflect on the fact that in these times, in the middle of the digital revolution as we find ourselves, it’s hardly a given anymore to be able to continuously produce and publish classical records. Therefore this is also the time to thank our artists, our team, which operates in the background all over the world, and all our supportive accomplices and abettors who have contributed so much to the continuity and success of this label. Happy Birthday to all of us! (JK)

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